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Aedestech Mosquito Home System

Aedestech Mosquito Home System Mosquito Trap


WINNER of Dengue Tech Challenge 2016

The only winner under the category for Prevention – Vector Control


Our Solution

Aedestech Mosquito Home System uses natural ingredients to lure Aedes Mosquitoes into the Mosquito Home to lay eggs. The secret formulation will block the growth of micro-organism, thereby limiting food supply for larvae - suppresses their survival rate. It also destroys the composition of adult mosquitoes hormones, thus retarding their breeding abilities.

Aedestech Mosquito Home System采用大自然最原始的成分引诱雌性黑斑蚊(伊蚊)到蚊虫之家产卵。秘方持续长时间的抑制水里微生物繁殖,间接减少水里孑孓的食物供应。配上生物原理采取荷尔蒙改造、节育方式使蚊虫不能繁殖。

Objective of AMHS
  • Reduction of the Aedes population
Lure & Kill technology efficiently control Aedes mosquito population.
  • Reduction of the Dengue cases
Deployment of Aedestech Mosquito Home auto-dissemination trap successfully interrupted dengue transmissions.
  • Indicator for Aedes surveillance
Analyze Aedes egg-data surveys, thus determine suitable vector control methods. Sustain control measures and detect any increase in vector density.

Proven effective against Vectors of Dengue - Aedes mosquito

Scientifically proven reduce Aedes mosquitoes and number of Dengue cases.


How does Aedestech Mosquito Home System work?

The special formula with an attractant ingredient lures female Aedes to breed inside AMHS traps. It disrupting the whole life cycle of Aedes mosquitoes.

Additional function - Auto-dissemination

AedesTech Mosquito Home System auto-dissemination approach uses female mosquitoes as vehicles for the insecticide formulation. Following contact with the formulation, contaminated adult mosquitoes will subsequently deliver the Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) or insecticide, spreading it to others breeding sites. Creation of an attractive “breeding site” enables the mosquitoes to bring the formulations back to hidden breeding sites, and retard all those eggs, effortlessly…. 

''PULL & PUSH'' Control Strategy

Targets larval breeding sites unable to reach by traditional larvicidal applications.
PULL : Attract Aedes mosquitoes to AMHS device for contamination.
PUSH : Contaminated Aedes mosquitoes disperses, thus disseminating insecticide to other larval habitats.

Key Benefits

Intelligent Design & Sustainable System lasts for a long time
Once deployed, the AMHS does not required frequent maintenance.
Gravity controls the water level in the casing. Solution refills to pre-set level and always at optimum level in line with evaporation rate for 4 to 6 weeks.

Non-pollutant - Environment-safe and eclogy-friendly
All the formulation will remain inside AMHS and it is only targeted Aedes mosquitoes.

Aedes mosquitoes have not developed chemical resistant
Not a single mosquito can escape or survive from the Aedestech Mosquito Home System. The Pyriproxyfen (insect growth regulator) seldom used as chemical (insecticide) control measures for Aedes mosquito in Malaysia, therefore Aedes mosquito can't grow chemical resistant.
Simple and Easy set-up - everyone can do it !
No special technical skills or know-how needed.

Not labour intensive
Every 30 days, you just need to have few people handle for a large area. AMH System can utilizes human resources effectively.

Directions for use

Based on the Test Report, each Aedestech Mosquito Home System (AMHS) proves to be effective in a radius of up to 5 meters. 

On-going R&D and Evaluation

An ongoing research and development (R&D) and quality improvement at various stages of AedesTech Mosquito Home System is important. 
We work closely with various prestigious Research Institutions & professionals in the world of entomology.

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