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X'bacafu Health Care X'bacafu Health Care X'bacafu Health Care X'bacafu Health Care

Xbacafu Anti-Microbial
Blocking the growth of bacteria lasts for a long time. 

Broader Spectrum Application
vX’bacafu Anti-Microbial is widely used for blocking the growth of fungi, bacteria & algae
vAnti bacterial spectrum is enormous & effective on many microorganisms

Even at low density, X’bacafu Anti-Microbial demonstrates outstanding effect

vAt the low value of Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC),it demonstrates the optimum effect
vHigh effectiveness with less additive amount of active ingredient
X’bacafu is a anti-microbial agent that is difficult to develop resistant bacteria strain
vBeing complex material, resistant bacteria cannot form easily around X’bacafu Anti-Microbial milieu
vX’bacafu Anti-Microbial is proved to be effective on “Fungi Resistant Test”

X’bacafu Anti-Microbial is stable & demonstrates excellent endurance

X’bacafu Anti-Microbial Agent is VERY SAFE

vJapan Food Research Laboratories certified that X’bacafu is safe to use, harmless to skin & eyes
vSuppress and block the growth of most of the bacteria which can caused Allergy & Asthma

X’bacafu Anti-Microbial active ingredient Test
1.Mold Resistivity Test
2.Anti Microbial Test MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
抗菌力試験 MRSA
3.Anti Microbial Test O-157
抗菌力試験 O-157
4.Anti Microbial Test Legionella
抗菌力試験 レジネオラ
5.Primary Skin Irritation Test in Rabbits
6.Skin Sensitization Test in Marmot Using Maximization Method
7.Eye Irritation Test in Rabbits
8.Cytotoxicity Test Using AP-W Fungicide V79 Cells
9.Acute Oral Toxicity Test in Mice
10.Dioxins Quantitative Analysis
11.Dioxins Quantitative Analysis
Acute Toxicity Test in Himedaka Fish

Mechanism of Effectiveness
vX’bacafu Anti-Microbial, does not destroy the nucleus of microorganism but it only breaks the outside membrane of these cells of microorganism and blocking composition of protein, DNA. As those microorganism of which  composition is blocked, will extinct due to lack of nutrition required for its growing.

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